Fashion today is a global business, with design and manufacturing networks that unite the world. LE CHÂTEAU understands the challenges of operating in a multi-cultural, global community and is committed to ensuring that all suppliers and vendors conform to our ethical standards and responsible business practices.

Fur free products LE CHÂTEAU has a well-established corporate policy concerning fur free and angora free products. We do not use any real fur in our product line and we no longer produce any products using angora. We require that our suppliers adhere to the same policy.

Reducing our carbon footprint & loving our planet Suppliers must comply with all local laws protecting the environment. LE CHÂTEAU strives to make significant advances in our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our stores are built and renovated with a high percentage of biodegradable and natural materials.  Additionally, LE CHÂTEAU encourages its suppliers to comply with our efforts minimize waste and maximize recycling.

LE CHÂTEAU’s eCommerce distribution centre which houses approximately 200,000 products is so large that our team uses eco-friendly 3-wheeled bicycles to pick and prepare orders in a highly efficient and environmentally sound manner.